Recite with the accuracy and preciseness of the Prophet (SAAW)

Course Description:

In this course, you’ll learn how to recite the Quran with the accuracy and preciseness of the Prophet (SAAW).
There are detailed rules of reciting the Quran properly with correct pronunciation, these rules are called as “Tajweed Rules”.
Therefore, tajweed rules must be learned by every individual who is pursuing to improve his or her recitation.
This course will further help students to improve their recitation by learning rules and applying it through practicing on selected Surahs
Designed for all levels, this course allows students to benefit from an instructor who coaches their recitation to the most polished standard.
All instruction incorporates proper pronunciation and application of the rules of Tajweed, and is taught by one of our Qur’an specialists – most of which are a Hafiz with an Ijazah.
Our teachers will take you step by step till you finish memorising the whole Quran.

The student learns how to recite Quran by looking while applying the Tajweed rules covering the whole Holy book.

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