Shurooq Academy welcomes students to join its engaging community with affordable fees that suit every student.

  • Payment is done in advance at the beginning of every month.
  • If you can’t attend lesson; Let us know 24 hours in advance and we will rearrange the lesson.



28$USD/26£GBP per month

1 hour/week

7$USD/6.5£GBP per hour

One/two days per week

4 hours per month

63$USD/58.5£GBP per month

2 hours/week

7$USD/6.5£GBP per hour

Any Four/two days per week

9 hours per month

74.25$USD/68.75£GBP per month

2.5 hours/week

6.75$USD/6.25£GBP per hour

Any Five days per week

11 hours per month

84.5$USD/78£GBP per month

3 hours/week

6.5$USD/6£GBP per hour

Any three/six days per week

13 hours per month

110$USD/100£GBP per month

4 hours/week

6.25$USD/5.75£GBP per hour

Any four days per week

18 hours per month

130$USD/120£GBP per month

5 hours/week

6$USD/5.5£GBP per hour

Any Five days per week

22 hours per month

Please contact us if you wish to follow a customized course


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